Stirring on the popular belief stemming down the marathons, which said that Pheidippides had run to Athens from the town of Marathon, Greece,to carry a message,describing a Greece victory . It was in the year of 1896 that the course had begun in the town of Marathon and had finished in the Panathenic Stadium at Athens. A total distance of around 40 kilometres(25 miles) had been covered.


The idea of holding a marathon race as an event in Olympic games was proposed by Michel Breal to Pierre de Coubertin.

Pierre de Coubertin – Born on the 1st day of January in the year 1863, this French educator and historian was the founder of the International Olympics Committee. heis considered as the father of the modern Olympics


Michel Jules Alfred Breal  – The French philologist was born on the 26th day of March in the year 1832 at Landau in the Kingdom of Bravia. He is often identified as the founder of the modern semantics which primarily deals with the relationship between the signifiers like words, phrases , signs, symbols and their denotations.


Spyridon Louis was a Greek water carrier


On 10th April 1896- Spyridon Louis had won the first Olympic marathon in 2 hours 58 minutes and 50 seconds to be specific.


The distance had been the ease of the organisers till the modern day distance got fixed. The distance varied from 40 to42 kilometres as this was clearly based on the two end points that was found suitable by the organisers.

1908-  The Olympic games were held in London. At the London Olympics , the standard distance of the Marathon race was marked to be a distance of 26 miles which is around 42.195 kilometres.

1924 – The Olympics games were held at Paris. This event had made the distance marked at the London Olympics to be the standard distance of The marathon race.


1896 – The men’s marathon race has been a part of the Olympic games since the day this event was added the list.

1984 – Finally the women’s event was given a place.

Marathon swimming is an elite class of open water swimming.


The races in the open water is as interesting as difficult. Unlike the foot races , a lot of underwater forces act on one’s body . The currents underneath, the path of travel and a few more factors add to raise it’s difficulty level.

Open water swimming refers to those that takes place in outdoor water bodies further referring to the oceans,lakes and rivers.

Marathon swimming is defined by long distances with a minimum of 10 kilometres accompanied by the traditional rules based on the English Channel swimming.

The tides, surface currents and the wind chops are the major factors that determine the finishing times. These factors can vary dramatically with each day.


Captain Mathew Webb- became the first person who crossed the English Channel.