The Best Underwater Hotels Worldwide

You know you are living on a fancy planet when a thing like underwater hotels exist. Now you no longer have to look outside your window for a glimpse of the sea for now you can easily stay inside it. Here are top underwater hotels all around the world:

  1. Utter Inn Hotel, Sweden: This is the only underwater hotel based in Sweden and one of the craziest ones in Europe.Utter Inn is situated on Lake Malaren, near Stockholm. It has been designed by Mikael Genberg. Spending one night here will cost you INR 37,000 but it is worth it! It gives you a classic swimming, sunbathing and fishing experience. It is a two room floating inn with one room situated above the water and the other ten feet below it. The rooms are connected by a ladder. To reach the hotel, you have to take a boat from the port of Vasteras.
  2. Conrad, Maldives, Rangali Island: Conrad hotel run by Hilton is located in Rangali Island. It’s present in the tropical waters of Maldives. It provides you with all luxuries making stay here extremely comfortable and thrilling. It offers boat facilities, and has got exciting water sports and fun activities at the dive centre. A night here will also cost you INR 38,000 but hey money will always come back! It has got no rooms but world class undersea restaurant Ithaa, situated 16 feet below sea level. It has been aptly named “world’s most beautiful restaurant” by New York Daily News.
  3. Per Aquum Niyama, Maldives: Want to dance to the rhythm of sea waves? Have your dream come true and visit the Subsix nightclub of Niyama resorts. It is the first underwater club of the world! It is situated 650 feet into the ocean. Dance the night away in the striking night club in the depths of Indian Ocean.If you are not a party person then you can go to the exotic Lime Spa which has eight underwater rooms and two special rooms. It might bust your pocket though costing you around INR 68,000!
  4. Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai: One of the best underwater hotels in Dubai. It has got only two underwater suites, Poseidon and Neptune. The crystal clear view of the clear blue waters of Ambassador Lagoon by your bedside and becoming buddies with 65,000 marine inmates makes Atlantis one of the best underwater hotels in the world. Atlantis gives you the oppurtunity to swim with dolphins at Dolphin Bay, have fun at Adventure Park, and explore the lost chambers aquarium, sea lion point, also offering boat and helicopter rides. It allows you to see the ruins of the beautiful city of Atlantis. So what if it charges you INR 74,000?
  5. The Manta Underwater Room, Zanzibar, Tanzania: The Manta resort is also designed by Mikael Genberg who is also the designer of the Utter Inn. Its present at Zanzibar coast and is a one room floating structure situated thirteen feet below the sea waves. The Manta resort gives its customers once in a lifetime experience. It has got three levels. They get to sleep few feet below the sea level, dine on the water deck and sunbathe on the roof in morning and star gaze at night. It’s a pocket buster though costing you INR 98,000!
  6. Lovers Deep, Caribbean: Located in St Lucia, Lovers Deep is where lovers can romance each other with a hundred percent guarantee that no one will barge in on them. At INR 1,90,16,500 its definitely one of the fanciest places where you can make love to your beloved. Its has got an aphrodisiac menu and also features a two person shower so there is room for guessing as to what you and your lover are supposed to be doing here. If you are filthy rich and would want to impress her, take a dip into the ocean of escapade and romance.