Korea is a country in East Asia. This country is divided into two sovereign states. They are North Korea and South Korea. North Korea is officially known as “Democratic People’s Republic Of Korea” and South Korea is officially known as the “Republic of Korea”.

Location of Korea:

Korea is situated in the Korean Peninsula. The neighbouring countries to this place are China, Russia and Japan.

Korean Marathon:

This beautiful country has knowledgeable interests in sports. They have quite a number of Marathon events hosted in both North Korea and South Korea. Here we are listing down some of those.


  • Munhwa Marathon: Munhwa marathon is a running race event that is held in the Paju state of South Korea. This event has three kinds of races. They are the full marathon, the half marathon and the short fun race which is organised for children. People from all over the world are invited to participate in this event. Also, this racing event occurs annually, that is, only once an year.
  • Incheon Songdo International Marathon: This marathon is organised on the vast lands on South Korea. This event also, as usual, has the three traditional categories namely, the full marathon, the half marathon and the 5 kilometres run race for the harnessing the zeal of the participation of children.
  • Trail Jeju: This is a magnificently thrilling event. It is organised on the volcanic island located in the lands of South Korea. The volcanic island is called Jeju and the event is famous for being a trail event. The scenic beauty of the route of run is splendid. The participants run through the Hallasan National Park which is an UNESCO World Heritage site. The venues which the runners come across through their journey in this event includes the majestic crater lake known as Baekrokdam and a cliff which is made up of some uniquely weird shaped rocks. The cliff is known as Yonungsil Giam.  This event usually witnessed around 2000 athletes in the run race in a latest year.
  • Chuncheon International Marathon: This is an annual racing event organised usually in the month of October. The beautiful city of Chuncheon situated in South Korea witnesses this event every year. This race was run for the first time a little back in the year of 1946. This is also the second oldest running event in its country. As usual, it hosts the three basic categories of events, which are, the full and half marathon and the 5 kilometre run for children.
  • Pyongyang marathon: This annual marathon event is organised on the lands of North Korea, in its capital state of Pyongyang. This race is usually contested in the month of April. This event was held for the first time in the year 1981 and it included women from the year 1984.
  • Seoul International Marathon: This spectacular race is an annual event hosted in Seoul, South Korea. This is the third largest road running competition in Asia.