Know More About the Famous Chinese Marathon

In the world of blooming runners, China has its own contribution to a bigger esteem. As is evident by the number of international champions produced by China every year, it had been an inquisition to board into China and have a look at how they harness their talents.

What attracts runners?

Besides sportsmen and women , something which has always attracted a huge mass of runners across the country is their racing destinations and the journey of their run. The beautiful scenario is often an inspiration to the budding generation.


This is an annual event held on the first day of the month of May.

The unique part of this event is that the total race has been organised on this beautiful and historical place. It is held on The Badaling Ancient Great Wall and another has already been held on the Juyongguan Great Wall.

This event hence, undoubtedly attracts runners from all over the world. The view is wildly beautiful and there comes a staunch connection between the minds and nature.

The current year has already witnessed the 5000km thrilling marathon race at the Badaling Ancient Great Wall of China, on the 1st day of May, as usual.

As this event is open to runners from all over the world, the organisers make sure they get their rooms in the respective hotels arranged for them; along with that the runners are provide with kits for the event; of course all of these happens through prior registration.

As the trend of marathon races are going, this event also possesses sub- sections of a full race, half race, a 10 kilometre run and a 5 kilometre run.



There are three races conducted in this event . They are:

  • Great Wall Marathon- This is the full marathon race.
  • Great Wall Half Marathon – This is the half marathon race.
  • Great Wall 8.5 Run – This is the 8.5 kilometre fun run race.


The Great Wall Marathon is termed as one of the most challenging marathons across the globe. The location of this event is generally along one of the greatest monuments. This event having inaugurated in the year 1999 attracts runners from almost 60 nations every year.



There is a 5 kilometre race conducted along with the two traditional half and full marathons races.



This festival describes the unique marathon through the grassland of Inner Mongolian town of Xiwuqi. This race is known as The Grassland Extreme Marathon.

There is a 11kilometre race conducted along with the two traditional half and full marathon races.



China conducts around 13 races. Namely :

  1. Great Wall Marathon
  2. Lanzhou International Marathon
  3. Genghis Khan Festival
  4. Shanghai International Marathon
  5. Great Hakka Marathon
  6. Shangri-La Marathon and Ultra
  7. Beijing Marathon
  8. Yunnan . Qiubei International Marathon
  9. Xiamen International Marathon
  10. Chongqing Marathon
  11. Zheng- Kai International Marathon
  12. Great Wall of China Marathon
  13.  Yellow River Estuary marathon