A BELIEF Stirring on the popular belief stemming down the marathons, which said that Pheidippides had run to Athens from the town of Marathon, Greece,to carry a message,describing a Greece victory . It was in the year of 1896 that the course had begun in the town of Marathon and had finished in the Panathenic […]


The Kolkata Marathon is officially known as the IDBI Federal Life Insurance Kolkata Full Marathon. This is a marathon annually held in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Having launched in the year of 2008 with the IDBI Federal Life Insurance as its present sponsor, this marathon is at present the largest in eastern India and it […]

Mount Marathon Race

Mount Marathon Often referred to as the Marathon Mountain, this mountain is located directly in the west of Seward in the Kenai Mountains in Alaska. Alaska Alaska is a state in the United States. It is located in the northern extreme of North America The Race Mount Marathon Race is held annually on the fourth […]

Know More About the Famous Chinese Marathon

In the world of blooming runners, China has its own contribution to a bigger esteem. As is evident by the number of international champions produced by China every year, it had been an inquisition to board into China and have a look at how they harness their talents. What attracts runners? Besides sportsmen and women […]

Top Snow Castles In The World

Are you interested in adventure? Want to be in close communion with nature’s exotic beauty? Then you should see the beautiful snow castles at least once in your lifetime. With stunning and mesmerizing scenery and majestic citadels, these snow castles are difficult to be visited in winter. But they all are worthwhile. Neuschwanstein Castle in […]