Africans witness some majestic marathons throughout the year. Their races are iconic and their views are amazing.

We are listing down 5 African marathons in this article.


  • Kilimanjaro Marathon :  This marathon has been rated as one of the best International Marathons throughout the globe by an international magazine. This race doesn’t seek participation of professionals only, but it also welcomes anyone and everyone throughout the world. This is an annual event with the usual full race, half race and the race for children. The thrilling part of the experience of running this marathon is that this race is all about running up and down the beautiful and highest summit of the continent. There are optional tours of bike trips and hot air ballooning for anyone who’s there to welcome endless adventure at this trip.
  • Safaricom Marathon: This is also an iconic, renowned and a worldwide famous marathon. This marathon is held in the Lewa Wildlife Conservatory. The funds are collected to support the conservatory services of the place. This venue is one of the most beautiful locations in Africa. Hence its scenic beauty is a treat to every participant from all over the world. There is a huge number of participation in this annual event. As usual, there are the three basic events namely, the full marathon, the half marathon and the 5 kilometre fun race for children. This event has been saved a huge number of lives in Kenya since the last 17 years.
  • Victoria Falls Marathon:  The Victoria Falls Marathon is an annual event held in Africa. This is one of the most magical and thrilling journeys. It is usually held in the month of June. The route starts from the car parking at the Ilaha Lodge entrance and continues to quite a few majestic scenes including the Victoria Falls bridge, Zambia, running further into the Zambezi National Park and ending in the Victoria Falls primary school. This is the route for the half marathon. The full marathon includes the return of the journey. This journey includes plenty of water bodies which make it a refreshing race. This race also includes the three events which are the full and half marathon and the 5 kilometre run for children.
  • Kynsna Forest Marathon: This is also an annual event with the three traditional events. The three events are, as usual, the full marathon, half marathon and the race for children. This race paves its path through the beautiful forest of Africa which makes the journey all the more thrilling and refreshing.
  • Uganda International Marathon: This annual marathon hosting the three traditional events is economically supported by the local community and the fund raised as a result of a huge number of participation goes back to the purpose of the local projects of different parts of Africa especially near the venue of this event. The route includes the most picturesque locations in the entire world. This is an entirely charitable event.