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Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal

About Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal or “the Pearl of Siberia” is the world’s oldest and deepest freshwater lake. It is an ancient, massive lake in the mountainous Russian region of Siberia, north of Mongolian border. Baikal area has a long history of human habitation.

The KURYKANS are an early known tribe in the area. Located in the former northern territory of the Xiongnu confederation, Lake Baikal is one site of the Han dynasty pursued and defeated the Xiongnu forces from the second century BC to the first century BC. They were the one to record that the lake was a “huge sea” and designate it the North Sea of the semi mythical four seas. Later on it was called “natural lake” by the Buryats and “rich lake” by the Yakuts.

Several government organizations are carrying out natural research projects on Lake Baikal. The Baikalian Research Centre is an independent research organization carrying out environmental, research and educational projects at Lake Baikal.

It contains 20% of the world’s total unfrozen freshwater reserve. Lake Baikal is known as the ‘ Galapagos of Russia’, which have produced one of the world’s richest and most unusual freshwater faunas, which is of exceptional value to evolutionary science.

Some Interesting Facts About Lake Baikal

  • Baikal is the world’s most ancient freshwater lake and it is said to be originated 20 to 25 million years ago.
  • Lake Baikal is one of the clearest and purest water bodies.
  • There are about 27 islands in Lake Baikal, most of them being uninhabited.
  • The depth of this lake is 1,632 m and it is the deepest lake in the world.
  • This lake is the home to many species of animals and plants including the freshwater seal.
  • Lake Baikal’s coastline measures around 1300 miles.
  • About 1/5th of all the fresh water in the world is located here at Lake Baikal.

The climate of Lake Baikal is unique because the lake’s huge water mass gives it certain features of a seashore climate. The significant are the temperature differences between the Baikal hollow and the surrounding territories of Eastern Siberia. This temperature difference diminishes slightly after the lake freezes, but still remains quite noticeable.

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This area is often called the museum of climates because of the variations that result from differences in distance from the lake, the shape of the coastline, the steepness of slopes and their orientations. On Baikal, there are breezes resulting from pressure differences over the land and the water surface. In autumn and before it freezes up , they are almost steady and blow from the land towards the sea.

Lake Baikal is an area of exceptional beauty. This area is a veritable treasure trove of mineral resources. There are several hot springs near this lake , the water of which is of exceptional quality. Despite its great depth, the lake’s waters are well mixed and well-oxygenated throughout the water column.

Learn how to reach Lake Baikal

Baikal is exceptionally beautiful in winter due to the fact that the ice is very much transparent and diverse. Travellers from all over the world come to watch the Siberian sunset over the world’s largest mirror. This moment is really a treat to our eyes and to our soul.

This remarkable lake is one of the Asia’s holy places. People have prayed to the lake and believed in its power through centuries.

Lake Baikal is also one of the comfortable tourist places in the world. The experiences you will get there will be incomparable to anything else!



Korea is a country in East Asia. This country is divided into two sovereign states. They are North Korea and South Korea. North Korea is officially known as “Democratic People’s Republic Of Korea” and South Korea is officially known as the “Republic of Korea”.

Location of Korea:

Korea is situated in the Korean Peninsula. The neighbouring countries to this place are China, Russia and Japan.

Korean Marathon:

This beautiful country has knowledgeable interests in sports. They have quite a number of Marathon events hosted in both North Korea and South Korea. Here we are listing down some of those.


  • Munhwa Marathon: Munhwa marathon is a running race event that is held in the Paju state of South Korea. This event has three kinds of races. They are the full marathon, the half marathon and the short fun race which is organised for children. People from all over the world are invited to participate in this event. Also, this racing event occurs annually, that is, only once an year.
  • Incheon Songdo International Marathon: This marathon is organised on the vast lands on South Korea. This event also, as usual, has the three traditional categories namely, the full marathon, the half marathon and the 5 kilometres run race for the harnessing the zeal of the participation of children.
  • Trail Jeju: This is a magnificently thrilling event. It is organised on the volcanic island located in the lands of South Korea. The volcanic island is called Jeju and the event is famous for being a trail event. The scenic beauty of the route of run is splendid. The participants run through the Hallasan National Park which is an UNESCO World Heritage site. The venues which the runners come across through their journey in this event includes the majestic crater lake known as Baekrokdam and a cliff which is made up of some uniquely weird shaped rocks. The cliff is known as Yonungsil Giam.  This event usually witnessed around 2000 athletes in the run race in a latest year.
  • Chuncheon International Marathon: This is an annual racing event organised usually in the month of October. The beautiful city of Chuncheon situated in South Korea witnesses this event every year. This race was run for the first time a little back in the year of 1946. This is also the second oldest running event in its country. As usual, it hosts the three basic categories of events, which are, the full and half marathon and the 5 kilometre run for children.
  • Pyongyang marathon: This annual marathon event is organised on the lands of North Korea, in its capital state of Pyongyang. This race is usually contested in the month of April. This event was held for the first time in the year 1981 and it included women from the year 1984.
  • Seoul International Marathon: This spectacular race is an annual event hosted in Seoul, South Korea. This is the third largest road running competition in Asia.




Africans witness some majestic marathons throughout the year. Their races are iconic and their views are amazing.

We are listing down 5 African marathons in this article.


  • Kilimanjaro Marathon :  This marathon has been rated as one of the best International Marathons throughout the globe by an international magazine. This race doesn’t seek participation of professionals only, but it also welcomes anyone and everyone throughout the world. This is an annual event with the usual full race, half race and the race for children. The thrilling part of the experience of running this marathon is that this race is all about running up and down the beautiful and highest summit of the continent. There are optional tours of bike trips and hot air ballooning for anyone who’s there to welcome endless adventure at this trip.
  • Safaricom Marathon: This is also an iconic, renowned and a worldwide famous marathon. This marathon is held in the Lewa Wildlife Conservatory. The funds are collected to support the conservatory services of the place. This venue is one of the most beautiful locations in Africa. Hence its scenic beauty is a treat to every participant from all over the world. There is a huge number of participation in this annual event. As usual, there are the three basic events namely, the full marathon, the half marathon and the 5 kilometre fun race for children. This event has been saved a huge number of lives in Kenya since the last 17 years.
  • Victoria Falls Marathon:  The Victoria Falls Marathon is an annual event held in Africa. This is one of the most magical and thrilling journeys. It is usually held in the month of June. The route starts from the car parking at the Ilaha Lodge entrance and continues to quite a few majestic scenes including the Victoria Falls bridge, Zambia, running further into the Zambezi National Park and ending in the Victoria Falls primary school. This is the route for the half marathon. The full marathon includes the return of the journey. This journey includes plenty of water bodies which make it a refreshing race. This race also includes the three events which are the full and half marathon and the 5 kilometre run for children.
  • Kynsna Forest Marathon: This is also an annual event with the three traditional events. The three events are, as usual, the full marathon, half marathon and the race for children. This race paves its path through the beautiful forest of Africa which makes the journey all the more thrilling and refreshing.
  • Uganda International Marathon: This annual marathon hosting the three traditional events is economically supported by the local community and the fund raised as a result of a huge number of participation goes back to the purpose of the local projects of different parts of Africa especially near the venue of this event. The route includes the most picturesque locations in the entire world. This is an entirely charitable event.  





Stirring on the popular belief stemming down the marathons, which said that Pheidippides had run to Athens from the town of Marathon, Greece,to carry a message,describing a Greece victory . It was in the year of 1896 that the course had begun in the town of Marathon and had finished in the Panathenic Stadium at Athens. A total distance of around 40 kilometres(25 miles) had been covered.


The idea of holding a marathon race as an event in Olympic games was proposed by Michel Breal to Pierre de Coubertin.

Pierre de Coubertin – Born on the 1st day of January in the year 1863, this French educator and historian was the founder of the International Olympics Committee. heis considered as the father of the modern Olympics


Michel Jules Alfred Breal  – The French philologist was born on the 26th day of March in the year 1832 at Landau in the Kingdom of Bravia. He is often identified as the founder of the modern semantics which primarily deals with the relationship between the signifiers like words, phrases , signs, symbols and their denotations.


Spyridon Louis was a Greek water carrier


On 10th April 1896- Spyridon Louis had won the first Olympic marathon in 2 hours 58 minutes and 50 seconds to be specific.


The distance had been the ease of the organisers till the modern day distance got fixed. The distance varied from 40 to42 kilometres as this was clearly based on the two end points that was found suitable by the organisers.

1908-  The Olympic games were held in London. At the London Olympics , the standard distance of the Marathon race was marked to be a distance of 26 miles which is around 42.195 kilometres.

1924 – The Olympics games were held at Paris. This event had made the distance marked at the London Olympics to be the standard distance of The marathon race.


1896 – The men’s marathon race has been a part of the Olympic games since the day this event was added the list.

1984 – Finally the women’s event was given a place.

Marathon swimming is an elite class of open water swimming.


The races in the open water is as interesting as difficult. Unlike the foot races , a lot of underwater forces act on one’s body . The currents underneath, the path of travel and a few more factors add to raise it’s difficulty level.

Open water swimming refers to those that takes place in outdoor water bodies further referring to the oceans,lakes and rivers.

Marathon swimming is defined by long distances with a minimum of 10 kilometres accompanied by the traditional rules based on the English Channel swimming.

The tides, surface currents and the wind chops are the major factors that determine the finishing times. These factors can vary dramatically with each day.


Captain Mathew Webb- became the first person who crossed the English Channel.


The Kolkata Marathon is officially known as the IDBI Federal Life Insurance Kolkata Full Marathon. This is a marathon annually held in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Having launched in the year of 2008 with the IDBI Federal Life Insurance as its present sponsor, this marathon is at present the largest in eastern India and it is the only full marathon held in Kolkata.

IDBI Federal Life Insurance is the joint venture of IDBI bank , Federal Bank and Aeges.

  This event is authorised by the Athletic Federation of India(AFI).

The AFI is the apex body Of Athletics in India that is responsible for organisation and conduction of competitions in the field of Athletics in India.

From the year 2016 , IDFI Federal Life Insurance have become the title sponsors of this event. This event has it’s management responsibilities embraced on the Highlife Management. The 2016 Kolkata Marathon was the official qualifier for the marathon event hosted at the Rio Olympics that year.


The Kolkata Marathon race has got five magnificent categories: The first two being the traditional full and half marathon distances, followed bya 10 kilometre open run, corporate run and a 5 kilometre run for children.


Although there were about 6000 runners during the first edition, it had a staunch influence on the city , rather on the real runners. This resulted in a drastic increase in the number of participants from 6000 to about 15000 in the year 2015. Hopefully India will witness more competition is this event in the future days awaiting approach.


The motive behind the ideathat only Indian athletes are eligible for the prize money is to instigate more Indian athletes to participate in this event and make India an yet a prouder country with its increased strength of sportsmen. The aim of organizing this event is mainly to promote Indian athletes and give them a platform to compete.


The Marathon race at Kolkata, West Bengal, India gets it’s starting flag waved from the Red Road in front of the Rangers Club. This course the leads through various land marks of the city including The Park Street,Maidan and the Victoria Area.


For full marathon : 42.2 km

For half marathon: 21.1 km

For 10km open run : 10km

For children : 5km


In 2015, the prize money for the winner of the full Marathon was 3.2lakh indian rupees, while the second and third positins were awarded 1.6 lakh and 0.8 lakh Indian rupees respectively.




  1. A timing certificate is granted to the marathon finishers within 30 days of the hosting of the event.
  2. Every runner of the event receives a finisher’s medal post their run, although this isn’t any individual prze.
  • Every prize money winner receives a certificate of Merit  that certifies their positions due to their receiving the prize money.

A hope lies to influence every runner of the country in future.

Mount Marathon Race

Mount Marathon

Often referred to as the Marathon Mountain, this mountain is located directly in the west of Seward in the Kenai Mountains in Alaska.


Alaska is a state in the United States. It is located in the northern extreme of North America

The Race

Mount Marathon Race is held annually on the fourth day of July in Seward.


Over Eight hundred people on an average to be approximate accepts this thrilling race that runs to about a 3 mile distance up to Mount Marathon’s 3022 feet; while the ascent ends in less than a mile.

The history

The first race to this mountain could be traced back to have run sometime before the year of 1915.

Various dates have been giving evidences to different people , however not one to be exact of could be found.

The challenge

The challenge is to run from the down town to the top of the hill and back to the starting position in just less than an hour time.

An organised race

Mount Marathon was first run in the proper form of an organised race in the year of 1915.

The year of 2007 has witnessed the 80th race on this mountain.


This race is the second oldest footrace of Alaska. It was first honoured in the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame in the year 2011.

Alaska Sports Hall of Fame

This institute had its establishment in the year of 2006. This hall has been honouring successful Alaskan athletes, sportsmen, coaches, contributors , etc.  since its establishment.

Course of Race

The starting flag waves down town at Fourth and Adams, keeping the First National Bank of Alaska as it’s live witness and ends after the wondrous run in the south of it’s origin , at Fourth and Washington. This entire course is to be completed within a span of one hour only. However, the fastest runner within this limited span gets the winning medal.

Their lies a stone marker at the top of Mount Marathon at about 2974 feet above mean sea level, gracefully denoting the halfway point. This point is about a mile and a half away from the finishing line.


The leaders of the race have been seen to have recorded their uphill journey in a span of 30 to 33 minutes to a downhill journey in less than somewhere between 10 to 15 minutes.


Average uphill speed of the leaders to be approximate is nearly 2mph;

While the average downhill speed of the leaders are recorded to be an approximate of 12 mph.

Limited Entries

The environmental impact is given a special attention by the organisers of this event. Hence the entries are limited to some what 400 men and women leading to a total of 800 participants from world wide nations.


David Noris has recorded the span of 41 minutes and 26 seconds on the event of this race on 4th July 2016.

The record breaker is always in search.

Know More About the Famous Chinese Marathon

In the world of blooming runners, China has its own contribution to a bigger esteem. As is evident by the number of international champions produced by China every year, it had been an inquisition to board into China and have a look at how they harness their talents.

What attracts runners?

Besides sportsmen and women , something which has always attracted a huge mass of runners across the country is their racing destinations and the journey of their run. The beautiful scenario is often an inspiration to the budding generation.


This is an annual event held on the first day of the month of May.

The unique part of this event is that the total race has been organised on this beautiful and historical place. It is held on The Badaling Ancient Great Wall and another has already been held on the Juyongguan Great Wall.

This event hence, undoubtedly attracts runners from all over the world. The view is wildly beautiful and there comes a staunch connection between the minds and nature.

The current year has already witnessed the 5000km thrilling marathon race at the Badaling Ancient Great Wall of China, on the 1st day of May, as usual.

As this event is open to runners from all over the world, the organisers make sure they get their rooms in the respective hotels arranged for them; along with that the runners are provide with kits for the event; of course all of these happens through prior registration.

As the trend of marathon races are going, this event also possesses sub- sections of a full race, half race, a 10 kilometre run and a 5 kilometre run.



There are three races conducted in this event . They are:

  • Great Wall Marathon- This is the full marathon race.
  • Great Wall Half Marathon – This is the half marathon race.
  • Great Wall 8.5 Run – This is the 8.5 kilometre fun run race.


The Great Wall Marathon is termed as one of the most challenging marathons across the globe. The location of this event is generally along one of the greatest monuments. This event having inaugurated in the year 1999 attracts runners from almost 60 nations every year.



There is a 5 kilometre race conducted along with the two traditional half and full marathons races.



This festival describes the unique marathon through the grassland of Inner Mongolian town of Xiwuqi. This race is known as The Grassland Extreme Marathon.

There is a 11kilometre race conducted along with the two traditional half and full marathon races.



China conducts around 13 races. Namely :

  1. Great Wall Marathon
  2. Lanzhou International Marathon
  3. Genghis Khan Festival
  4. Shanghai International Marathon
  5. Great Hakka Marathon
  6. Shangri-La Marathon and Ultra
  7. Beijing Marathon
  8. Yunnan . Qiubei International Marathon
  9. Xiamen International Marathon
  10. Chongqing Marathon
  11. Zheng- Kai International Marathon
  12. Great Wall of China Marathon
  13.  Yellow River Estuary marathon


The Best Underwater Hotels Worldwide

You know you are living on a fancy planet when a thing like underwater hotels exist. Now you no longer have to look outside your window for a glimpse of the sea for now you can easily stay inside it. Here are top underwater hotels all around the world:

  1. Utter Inn Hotel, Sweden: This is the only underwater hotel based in Sweden and one of the craziest ones in Europe.Utter Inn is situated on Lake Malaren, near Stockholm. It has been designed by Mikael Genberg. Spending one night here will cost you INR 37,000 but it is worth it! It gives you a classic swimming, sunbathing and fishing experience. It is a two room floating inn with one room situated above the water and the other ten feet below it. The rooms are connected by a ladder. To reach the hotel, you have to take a boat from the port of Vasteras.
  2. Conrad, Maldives, Rangali Island: Conrad hotel run by Hilton is located in Rangali Island. It’s present in the tropical waters of Maldives. It provides you with all luxuries making stay here extremely comfortable and thrilling. It offers boat facilities, and has got exciting water sports and fun activities at the dive centre. A night here will also cost you INR 38,000 but hey money will always come back! It has got no rooms but world class undersea restaurant Ithaa, situated 16 feet below sea level. It has been aptly named “world’s most beautiful restaurant” by New York Daily News.
  3. Per Aquum Niyama, Maldives: Want to dance to the rhythm of sea waves? Have your dream come true and visit the Subsix nightclub of Niyama resorts. It is the first underwater club of the world! It is situated 650 feet into the ocean. Dance the night away in the striking night club in the depths of Indian Ocean.If you are not a party person then you can go to the exotic Lime Spa which has eight underwater rooms and two special rooms. It might bust your pocket though costing you around INR 68,000!
  4. Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai: One of the best underwater hotels in Dubai. It has got only two underwater suites, Poseidon and Neptune. The crystal clear view of the clear blue waters of Ambassador Lagoon by your bedside and becoming buddies with 65,000 marine inmates makes Atlantis one of the best underwater hotels in the world. Atlantis gives you the oppurtunity to swim with dolphins at Dolphin Bay, have fun at Adventure Park, and explore the lost chambers aquarium, sea lion point, also offering boat and helicopter rides. It allows you to see the ruins of the beautiful city of Atlantis. So what if it charges you INR 74,000?
  5. The Manta Underwater Room, Zanzibar, Tanzania: The Manta resort is also designed by Mikael Genberg who is also the designer of the Utter Inn. Its present at Zanzibar coast and is a one room floating structure situated thirteen feet below the sea waves. The Manta resort gives its customers once in a lifetime experience. It has got three levels. They get to sleep few feet below the sea level, dine on the water deck and sunbathe on the roof in morning and star gaze at night. It’s a pocket buster though costing you INR 98,000!
  6. Lovers Deep, Caribbean: Located in St Lucia, Lovers Deep is where lovers can romance each other with a hundred percent guarantee that no one will barge in on them. At INR 1,90,16,500 its definitely one of the fanciest places where you can make love to your beloved. Its has got an aphrodisiac menu and also features a two person shower so there is room for guessing as to what you and your lover are supposed to be doing here. If you are filthy rich and would want to impress her, take a dip into the ocean of escapade and romance.

Top 6 Worldwide Destinations To Spend Vacation With Your Family

Have a knack for travelling? Then pack your bags and take your family to these locations. It will allow you spend quality time to bond with your family. As also, these beyond beautiful, aesthetic places will also satisfy the adventurous worm in you. And maybe your kids will get inspired and grow up to become globetrotters like their parents.

Spend your family vacation relaxing at one of these spots:

1) Thailand

The warmth of the native people combined with good food, temples and great sights make this a great destination for a family trip. Its budget friendly as well. You can go to Bangkok and have fun boat rides, go to Safari World and Siam World or head over to Ko Chang a beautiful island and enjoy the beautiful beaches there. Krabi is another island where you can dig your worries into the sand and have gallops of fun.

2) Prague, Czech Republic

This beautiful town looks like a fairytale come alive. It is vintage and beautiful. The places are close by each other making it easier for the family to navigate from one place to another. Plus wooden toys are on sale through the year round, what more do you want? There are lots of places to see in Prague like The Charles Bridge, Prague Astronomical Clock, Prague Castle, Municipal House, Wenceslas Square, Petrin, Old Town Square and so much more. Prague will please your heart, soul and pocket.

3) Bahamas

Bahamas has a lot to offer to families. It has 700 islands allowing you to lay in nature’s lap and take a break from the maddening crowd of the cities. You can take your kids to Aquaventure, Queen Staircase and Atlantis Submarine situated in Nassau and Paradise Island or hop on a boat and take a tour of the Turtle Lake. Visit Pinetree Stables and tour around the Grand Bahama Island on horseback. Bahamas is a great destination to be explored with your family with lots of sights to marvel .

4) Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe is a place that appeals to kids of all age groups. It’s a great place for the athletic ones, artistic ones, curious ones, just anyone. You can go hiking on the Jemez Mountain or get in a hot air balloon and float over the Rio Grande Gorge or learn rock climbing by climbing the walls of Las Conchas Canyon. You can also take your family for water rafting on the Rio Grande and make memories that will last a lifetime. Other attractions include Santa Fe Children’s Museum, Santa Fe Southern Railway, Ski Santa Fe.

5) Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre is a collection of five lands present on the coastline of Italian Riviera. It is made of Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso. Each one as beautiful as the other. Kids find it colorful and enchanting. If your kids like to eat at restaurants and love hiking then Cinque Terre is the place for you. The distance between the villages isn’t much and the views are exceedingly scenic. Trains run frequently and there are long stretches of olive groves and vineyards that seem to intrigue kids a lot. You will weep if you come back home without visiting Chiesa di Santa Margherita d’Antiochia, Castello Doria, Torre Guardiola, Punta Bonfiglio.

6) Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a rugged country in Central America. It is well known for its beaches, rainforests and volcanoes. It is a perfect to place to explore with your family and also doesn’t do much damage to your pocket. Don’t forget to take your kids to watch the minor eruption from the volcano Arenal and later do check out Tabacon Hot Springs with them which are present at the base. Kids love to hop from one pool to another! If your kid loves the slimy creatures in the backyard, he is going to love his stay in Costa Rica because of its biodiversity. Take them to Manuel Antonio National Park. White sand beaches are present just outside the park where you can go snorkeling with your kids.

What are you thinking?! Go ahead make your reservations!

Caribbean Christmas Half Marathon & 5K Race

Date: December 10th 2016, Saturday

Time: 9:30am

Course: Carmel Indiana

Attractions: Hampers, hoodies, Live Reggae Music, Micro Brew Beer, Local Gourmet Coffee, a grand after party!!!

As most of you might be planning a thanksgiving, here is a good suggestion for you. Take your family and friends out for a enjoyable, different, interesting and exciting marathon. Not only this, after that enjoy the evening in a Caribbean concert. And still not over, you get lots of  goodies hampers and lip smacking gourmet brewed coffee, doughnuts and micro brewed beer. And the winners get striking medals and prizes. Now read on for availing this opportunity:

This Christmas do something fun and wild. The Caribbean Christmas Half Marathon is the coolest upcoming event. Music, fun, friends, party, funky costumes and amiable volunteers, it’s the best race experience one could think of and a ideal Christmas event without having to spend time thinking about Christmas Messages for friends.

The country side race course will fill your lungs with air and the fun and laughter will revive your soul. Whether alone or with your buddies, you won’t feel aloof even a second, the volunteer gang is going to push you into your happiest moods.

The after party will have Kingly T himself!!! Girls you need to head with your girl gang. And the results won’t be declared after three days, it will be instant. Every finisher in separate group gets a awesome prize.

You won’t have to worry about clicking your selfies, expert photographers will keep surrounding you like the paparazzi. And the pictures will be of great quality and no watermarks or labels.

For registering go to https://131events.com/caribbean-christmas/

For people living in other far away land, don’t lose your heart. There is a virtual option too.

You can be a part of the marathon while you jog or sprint anywhere in a park, in your lawn or even your room. All you need to do is run and upload your results on the link https://131events.com/caribbean-christmas/

The award for a virtual participant is The Biggest and best Christmas finisher Medal around.

Every participant gets a race bib as a souvenir for your marathon experience.

The virtual option begins after 31st December.

The Reggae Post Race Party

You get doughnuts, Gourmet coffee brew, great Caribbean music LIVE by Kingly T and micro brewed beer from Brewing.co

The party will take you on your high moods and all your blues will vanish in the air. Get ready to do some crazy, wild cabarrae moves. Go with your friends to have a one in a lifetime experience.

The Caribbean Christmas Half Marathon medal this time is 5” in size. With a sand globe and a cool Caribbean santa. The winner gets to put this huge thing in your showcase and the others get Kingly T!1

So what are you still thinking about?? Go to the link and register yourself. Tell your friends and kins to join in. Mark the date and start the count down for a fun and frolic healthy Christmas event!!

A Guide to Saving Turtles & Enjoying Beach Vacation At The Same Time

If someone asks me what’s my passion, my answer would be Nature. It doesn’t matter if the its the icy lake of Baikal or tropical beaches of Mexico. I have been living in different continents and taking part in marathons just to satiate my urge for adventure and nature.

Loving nature not only means mountains and oceans, for me Nature encompasses all living beings also. For this reason, I am also actively engaged in various wildlife protection programs around the world.

A vacation usually means enjoying the destination without a care for the world. But isn’t that a bit selfish when you can do much more? Ever thought how you can be an ecological warrior even when you are a traveller? Can you help, save or conserve those endangered species like sea turtles in Akumal? Can your travels boost a fragile ecosystem?

Seems impossible? Not exactly! Any traveler can contribute to the surrounding and the environment of a destination if she or he is considerate enough.

Akumal in Mexico is one such destination where you can enjoy to the fullest as well as satisfy you duties towards Mother Nature. Akumal is not just about endless beaches but is also a breeding ground for two species of endangered turtles. Every year April 15 is officially the start of the turtle nesting season in Akumal, Riviera Maya.

Each year, like clockwork, adult female loggerhead (Caretta caretta) and green sea turtles (Chelonia mydas) come to the sandy beaches of Akumal to build their nests. The mother turtles can lay up to 150 soft-shelled eggs twice or more in every season. It takes about 60 days for eggs to hatch. Baby turtles head for the sea straightaway with the moonlight aiding them to their destination. On their journey, baby turtles smell and taste their way to the waters. It is truly mysterious that these turtles return to the same beach when they have to nest.

In 2012, Riviera Maya region of Mexico accounted for 200 loggerhead with 14,856 hatchlings and 596 green turtle nests giving 43,397 hatchlings.

Read more about sea turtles of Akumal and my marathon

So if you also wish to take part in the conservation of these turtles you can volunteer for one of the several organizations working for the turtles. Otherwise also, you can comply few guidelines which can help you in becoming a responsible and environmentally aware tourist.

  • Don’t use lights on the beach. If you’re staying near the beach then turn off your outdoor lights and cover windows so as to not allow light to seep out.
  • If you spot a turtle on the beach or coming to the shore for nesting then intimate the hotel staff or one of the many turtle patrol so that the turtles can be accounted for and their nests marked and protected.
  • Do not disrupt turtles in anyway. Flash lights scare the turtles and impeded the nesting & egg laying activities. So avoid flash lights.
  • Tourists are discouraged from touching the turtles or interfering in the nesting process in any way.
  • Turtles need clean beaches. Beach chair and other stuff which may hamper turtles’ movement should also be removed. As a good tourist do not litter the beach and allow turtles to have a free run on the beach.
  • Pets can harm turtles, eggs and baby turtles. Noisy pets can also scare away turtles.
  • Nests are sanctum sanctorum for turtles. Do not disturb them. If you believe that a nest has not been marked then notify the hotel staff about it.
  • Nesting turtles need peace and solitude. Beach parties with lights and loud music hamper turtles’ nesting so don’t indulge in such activities.

Nature needs minimal human interference. It has a great capacity to regenerate and grow without our assistance. Most tourist destinations suffer from high amount of human activity. Due to ever increasing need for more land, water and resources, nature and wildlife are put at stake. The need of the hour is to promote sustainable tourism which respects and take cares of the environment without hampering the commercial aspect.

Effort by the locals, hotels and the tourists in Akumal to save sea turtles is one such example of sustainable tourism. Akumal is establishing itself as a tourist and real estate destination which is different than it’s bigger and more established neighbors such as Playa del Carmen and Cancun.

It has strategically promoted itself as a less crowded destination where you can again connect your inner self with the nature.

So what are you waiting for? Akumal is the buzzing with activity right now. Catch those sea turtles nesting and witness a wonder of nature.